Hello Friends!

Im Julana, a fitness and lifestyle model, TV Host, and blogger based in Los Angeles, CA. You can usually find me at the gym working out with my boyfriend or at home reading, writing, planning, and snuggling with my pup.

Over the last 8 years, my life as a model has taken me to so many incredible places. I’ve always love to document and share my travels and the adventures I find along the way, in hopes of spreading the word and sparking interest in my friends and family to go on their own adventures!

Why I Write:
I want to inspire you to get out, get active, and explore your world!

JulanaGoes was created for documenting and sharing  my travels adventures, fitness & health tips that I utilize on the daily, and insight into the world of modeling and tv hosting in Los Angeles.

By sharing all of the experiences that I’ve found helpful in creating my own healthy + active lifestyle, I hope to be able to help you on YOUR journey to being your best self!

So, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you!!