How to Find Fitness Friends

Fitness / Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

If you’re like me, your biggest excuse for not wanting to go to the gym is simply, “What am I going to do there?”. Even though I know more than enough workout moves, superset combinations, and machine circuits that I could do, the thought of putting together my own routine seems daunting.

In the beginning, my go to move was to take classes offered at my gym, because they were already set up for me and included a group setting. However, while there were other people in class, I found that most people tended to keep to themselves.

All I wanted was a workout buddy to help keep me accountable, and I couldn’t find one!

Living in a big city means meeting hundreds or thousands of new people every year. It can be a bit overwhelming and even energy draining to say the least. One of the biggest lessons I learned when I moved to Los Angeles was not to take things too personally. Everybody is busy living their own lives and also meeting hundreds of new people themselves. It can be hard to keep up with people, even if you genuinely are interested in them and would like to have a friendship.

From my personal experience, the people who have earned a permanent place in my life are people that I’ve met in a productive environment: at work, at the gym, through a friend, etc.

Never at a bar, club, or random party. Funny isn’t it? That those are the most popular places to go when trying to “meet people”. I didn’t know any better, until I did.

Joining a fitness club is a great way to meet new people while doing something good for your health. The best part is, all of your new friends will also be into health and fitness! It’s so much easier to connect and stay in touch with new people when you start off with a common interest.

Being part of a workout community also comes with awesome perks! Besides having a group of friends to help keep me accountable and motivated, my fitness club also offers us FREE workout classes at different gyms AND they bring us healthy snacks from their partner brands (protein shakes, protein bars, protein cookies… and sometimes even beer!)

Cobra Fitness Club after a workout at Urban Exhale Yoga! …See the *free* beer?!


If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come workout with us! Check out @Cobrafitnessclub on Instagram and sign up for their email list to get the weekly workout schedule!

If you’re anywhere else, try google searching for a fitness club in your own city!
You can also try joining a run club or recreation sports league as similar alternatives.

Happy friending! 😉

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