Nelson Ghost Town

Lifestyle / Monday, May 14th, 2018


First of all, shoutout to my best friend Ashley for inviting me on this trip. I’d never heard of Nelson Ghost Town before. Originally a gold mining town in southern Nevada, it’s now been abandoned since 1945, which makes it an AMAZING place to shoot. If you haven’t already picked up on it, I’m obsessed with anything western looking, and this location has it ALL. Old trucks. Crashed airplanes. Rusty things. Signage. Barns. Haystacks. Tractors. Military vehicles. Gas pumps. Trailers. Mountains. Deadly Cacti. Weird skeletons… The ideal place for anything involving old western or vintage looking backdrops.

Just picture a wide open space in the middle of the desert with endless possibilities. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Chris Brown, Luke Bryan, Journey, The Killers, Kurt Russel, Enrique Iglesias, and more have taken advantage of Nelson to film music videos, TV show, feature films, album covers, etc. (Fun Fact: The remnants of the plane that Kevin Costner blew up  during the filming of 3000 Miles to Graceland are still there, and that’s me sitting on it to prove it. Check it out)

Photo by Eric Grant

I fan-girled a little bit when I heard that Luke Bryan shot his 3rd album cover here for Tailgates & Tanlines (released in 2011), in the exact place that I was standing. I WAS going to take a “who did it better photo” comparison…but maybe next time 😉

The property owners live on site and they are very friendly 🙂 Bobbie will help you out with whatever you need, they love making sure that everyone leaves happy and content with the photos they took. I also really appreciate the fact that they charge photographers very little to shoot (models are free!). Our group rate was $10/hr per photographer (we had 4 photographers and 3 models) which I think is an incredibly good deal considering the variety of photos and looks you can pull off at this place. (Book your own shoot at Nelson!) We shot for about 3 hours, I definitely recommend staying until sunset, the area clears out so you will have access to a lot of popular spots without having to compete with other photographers… and as a bonus, you might run into the cutest group of bunnies that you’ve ever seen in the desert (because how many of us have ever seen bunnies in the desert in the first place?)

Photo by Eric Grant



Career Goals are important and so I must confess that I did have one main goal for this Photoshoot- Bootbarn is one of the brands I want to work with this year, and so I took some “boot barn” inspired photos for my agent to send to them…so far no bookings but I’m still hopeful. =]

There are so many possibilities here depending on what style you like and are looking to capture.
Here are the photos that I shot in collaboration with some talented photographers: Eric Grant, Allen Bezanson, James Polsfuss.

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Alright now just to get a feel for the diversity of this place, check out my bestie Ashley Wynns 
(Photographed by Rich Meade) — How hot is she?!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about the place I will be happy to answer! Just leave a note in the comment section!


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