Phuket: “Who Schedules Fun this early??”

Travel / Monday, May 14th, 2018

September 27, 2017
James Bond Island Tour

Here’s the great thing about Thailand, you can barter for pretty much anything. Even expensive touristy tours!
So, for our activity today, we booked a day tour to James Bond Island through a travel company we found at the airport. We negotiated the trip for $45 (1,420BHT) each. Cheeeeeap!

Recap of what our day was like!

Another early morning for us. (Ashley is not a fan of these days, hence the title of this post.)

The company we used, UNC,  was really great. They provided lots of snacks and water throughout the day, as well a buffet lunch, which I was even impressed with – and I am an exceptionally picky eater. Our tour guide, Usa (pronounced Ooh-sah) was really funny. He had two main rules for the boat:

  1. Smile, because it makes you look young, and you will have more friends.
  2. No Sleeping, because you won’t see any of the beautiful islands with your eyes closed.

The tour took us to 4 islands near Phuket. On the first two islands, we were canoed (literally, a tour guide canoed us in, zero effort required on our part) into these water caves that opened up into large lagoon areas. The whole tour took almost 12 hours from morning pickup to drop off… Very tiring.


                                The Infamous James Bond Island (Khao Ta Poo) from 007 The Man with the Golden Gun


                                                                         Beautiful rock islands viewed from the boat
                                                   My favorite photo from the day 🙂 Taken from James Bond Island

One thing that did make this tour AWESOME though was Usa and his eagles… On our way back to Phuket, Usa and the cabin crew lured wild eagles out of the forest and they flew with the boat for a good 20 minutes. I was thoroughly impressed.

           Big thanks to Usa for showing us around!

As for the overall experience, it was a little too packed for me personally. We were 5 of 45 people on this huge charter boat. I’m the type of person who prefers more intimate experiences instead of large party crews, and I would have preferred a smaller group size. If I could do the day over I would pick a shorter trip that just goes to James Bond Island, and then see a theatre or cabaret show at night.

Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed with Phuket. In the future, I would only go there as a gateway to get to the islands. We stayed on the west side of the island, Kata Beach, and it was pretty far from the ferry pickup point to Phi Phi. I would suggest staying on the east side if you’re planning to go to the islands, It will make your transportation much easier.

We had plans to stay in Phi Phi Island this night but on account of getting back to Phuket so late we had to stay one more night in a hotel with bad AC and lots of cats. Ashley cried (because she loves cats).

PS. Everything so much more expensive in Phuket. Massages etc…So if you want to get a massage, don’t do it here.

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